The different dynamics of masculine and feminine energy


Feminine energy is about emotion: connection. And high masculine energy with CLARITY, and WHEN channeled effectively is about direction: mission.

A highly feminine Woman is living in a world of feeling, sensation. And values emotional connection. It’s important for people to communicate in a calm and clear state of mind because minimal understanding is achieved from emotions; fear and anger if they’re present. Therefore, we must be in the ‘right’ emotional state to communicate because we could be holding our partner to stories from the past whilst using ineffective strategies. When we’re in the ‘right’ emotional state we feel better about ourselves and partner and then we make better decisions. In the ‘right’ emotional state we know what the ‘right’ thing to do is.

This way partners and people can feel understood when we agree to listen openly without making assumptions. High Masculine energy with CLARITY is about building up and breaking through to solve problems.

If a masculine man punishes his feminine partner ‘or’ she doesn’t feel understood she will repress and become more masculine energy. Likewise if a feminine partner punishes her partner he tends to become more feminine. It breaks polarity.

Balancing the energy of polarity can be transformed with understanding. And reinforced with experiences that bring ‘pleasurable’ feelings. That’s giving without any direct or immediate agenda, ‘Giving’ with no expectation in return. Learn people’s history, their lives and their goals. It’s in the learning to make additional deposits into the relationship, building trust.


For application;

  1. Identification for what my partner values most?
  2. What simple kindnesses and needs does my partner respond to?
  3. How will we create a deeper level of sexual intimacy?

To your love story,


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