“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

3-Steps to Your Financial Dreams


What do I desire? What has inspired me? Put my imagination to work! If you’re frustrated over monetary problems and feel you deserve a better standard of living? Than make the decision to clear away your distractions and FOCUS on creating your extraordinary life.

Why do I want more money? What are my motives? Do I want to own my own home? Do I want to provide for ill family members and health emergencies when they arise? Do I intend to contribute to humanity in some way? Is my goal to attain peace of mind? Or do I want to provide a better-quality education for my children.

Whatever your reasons; life is always more than money it’s about experiences and the emotions we feel. Can money give you more experiences? From having a clear plan and making the most of our opportunities we can create more experiences and live a life without worrying about a lack of money.



When you’re clear about what you want? and you become obsessively focussed about making your dreams a reality, nothing in this world will stop you. This doesn’t mean working blindly off into the sunset, you’ll need a plan and to know when to be flexible with your thinking and adapt what’s not working for you. If your plan isn’t working you need to change your approach.

Once you’ve clearly decided on what you want its important to be strategic with your planning. This means setting your short, medium and long-range goals. For example; a short-term goal could be to save $1000 a month. From setting and consistently achieving the short-term goal, it will create the confidence to continue with your journey and making your dreams a reality.

At this point it’s wise to seek a second opinion. Please be careful who you receive advice from!!



“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” – Mahatma Ghandhi


The purpose of having a plan is to give you structure, without structure your money will find a way to leave you. Do you have structure around your money?

Because the 3rd step is being grateful for what you have. It means your demonstrating a level of care for your money. This doesn’t mean you’re always obsessing over money, it means no matter how much you have you appreciate what you have.

What am I grateful for? The more you acknowledge what you already have in your life, instead of ‘What’s missing’ the more you will experience abundance in your life.


To your better future,



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