"There’s always meaning in life" - Dave Barrie

Dave Barrie is a Spiritual Teacher, Peace Activist, and Philanthropist.

Dave loves life! And feeling whole and free Dave shows that we can learn to overcome anything! And that we can forge our own life destiny. Connected to our true nature we can create greater meaning and purpose in our lives. Dave has committed to a life mission of being a beneficial presence on the planet, and serving life itself by transmuting principle-centered leadership, and teaching spiritual practices that help people become more effective within their life environments. For self-realization, self-transcendence, and achieving your life goals.

Radiating loving-kindness and spiritual growth in action. His message to the world and especially to young people is more important than ever. To engage in continuous self-discovery and self-actualization that expands our self-awareness and personal mastery. Dave recommends, developing a level of dominion over your attention and having the courage, compassion, reverence, and wisdom to opt out of the virtual reality and temptations of popular social pressures by seeking your higher-self and skills that will best serve humanity.

Mastering presence, practice, and universal principles we naturally engage in life’s disciplines health, happiness, and harmony. With the right attitude we can all achieve greatness. Nothing in this world will stop the man or woman with the right attitude. Are you ready for you?

Dave was intrinsically motivated to build and peacefully share
– The most profound School initiative, in Australia.
– The most profound Jail initiative, in Australia.
– Community and country event for PERSONAL-GROWTH!


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela


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