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About Dave Barrie

How Dave Barrie Personal-Development Training was created?

Well we don’t just walk into entrepreneurship and true positions of leadership, they’re the hardest games of all.

Growing up I was always involved in a variety of sports, and representing my state at a multitude of sports. I was a all-rounder; as an academic student I did the bare minimum to pass. But from my highly observant traits I learnt that I could be good, even great at anything I gave my attention to (Focus).

1. Life is hard for everyone, make it tolerable by accepting this simple truth

2. Everything we’re or ever will be is because of our OWN choices. The combined actions or inaction = where we’re. If we’re interested in a different future it would be wise too

  • Clearly decide what you want (most people don’t do this)
  • Develop a good plan
  • Work the good plan

3. Learning… WE can become anyone we want to become or achieve almost anything we want. However, study and diligent practice are required. That doesn’t mean it’s easy…Skill-development is slow.

From studying our own lives. The ones where most familiar with, we can connect the dots and then it would be ‘WISE’ to study ‘What not to do’ and ‘what to do’ that brings about the positive results we seek. We can also study the lives of other people whom have also been before us.

Even the greatest leaders of modern times; Mandela and Ghandi made mistakes…how do you think they became so wise?

Age 14 – my Identity Crisis; engaging with drugs and vandalism, troubled peer groups; witnessing defiance activities with social rules in the community. I also clashed with my parental values. But most importantly I learnt from my own experimentation’s with self-analysis. And decided the paths I would pursue. For example; health, careers, activities.

Age 15 – I began having severe anxiety and relentless panic attacks to the point where I would be so paranoid/psychosis that I would end up in hospital visits. I recognized a pattern in my thinking/behavioral tendencies and adapted strategies to shift my thinking and it resulted in me being able to manage my lifelong anxiety. Cognitive control.

These experiences only increased my ability to self-regulate and made me more ‘self-aware’ of my major strengths; mental & emotional abilities.

Also In high school I was extremely effective in assisting other people 1 on 1 to solve their problems. I was very good at staying emotionally detached and understanding situations with objective 3rd person perspectives within high school personal or interpersonal dramas between people. I would deliberately observe my peers & wider family members for ‘what was’ and ‘what wasn’t’ working for them. I was one of few people who were able to accept and get along socially with all kinds of people, regardless of; culture, disability, stereotypes. I recognized that I am astute in advisory roles.

I understood that I had a choice to make;

  1. Be a person who wants to win a popularity contest? or
  2. Become the guy who people ultimately trust and everyone turns to when in crisis situations?
  • I started the process of separating myself from peers and went to work further on my intrapersonal skills = emotional intelligence and leadership.

Age 16/17 – Bullying & Harassment; my college experiences  fine-tuned my leadership vision.

How? from gathering up my past life and current college experiences; combined with my interests, my unique skills (Natural tendencies, temperament, mental: emotional ability) my life purpose was developed.

I was ‘aware’ of my unique adolescent thoughts, observations of human nature, mental & emotional abilities but my college experiences ‘awoke’ the spirit.

In college with my highly observant traits I would watch people’s behaviour towards others; racial, prejudice, physical and verbal intimidation of others. This was when I truly connected with Moral Authority (True Leadership).

To me this wasn’t alpha male characteristics; One should never mistake true confidence with arrogance. On a mental level truly confident people don’t react, they remain calm under pressure and never deliberately manipulate another. Without the need to control anybody and nor do they control me

Mental self-control, self-mastery, self-disciplines

For example; knocking the food (lunches) out of Asian kids hands in the canteen line (chips & gravy, burgers). There was a lot of verbal abuse & sexual harassment towards girls and physical intimidation of less physically able guys, people with intellectual disability or often throwing things or the football into crowds of people to injure them deliberately. And at one period the school hired security guards to patrol the school. I would calmly suggest the behaviour/attitude was social injustice and ultimately these polite confrontations towards the group lead me to be harassed physically during my college school life, daily (18-months) by the football group once they figured out that I wouldn’t respond when they were bored. Most the time I’d be thinking and planning my life by myself and then constantly being surrounded and hit, or with newspaper battens, sometimes spat on, often my food and school work was thrown away, ripped up or stomped on in front of me. The only time I would respond was if there were times that I was stripped to my underwear at the school and chased around, there are a lot of people in the school canteen area.

I was actually the youngest and captain of the college football team. The testing time ingrained the integrity, authenticity, and discipline into my character to do the ‘right’ thing and stand alone regardless of the consistent danger and fierce criticism from the peer group.

Am I still able to be mates with these people today? Yes, because I never complained and never explained. I just accepted them…TOLERANCE 

Humility is self-confidence without arrogance. I was years ahead of my time.

I’m a dude who was always spending a lot of time envisioning the future; I would always be walking around the school front steps of the college in Solitude with powerful visualizations, Asking myself? Whom I wanted to be and what I wanted to do.

I feed my mind full of my favourite people and movies (Bruce Lee, Rocky Balboa and James Bond) I became obsessed with them and fascinated how a man like Nelson Mandela could spend so long in prison and FEEL good about it. Also in the movie Ghandi it always stood out to me, where the British soldiers attack him and his people in the streets, they’re scenes I’ve never forgotten. I connected ingrained & deliberately practiced Mahatma Ghandi non-violent transformational leadership style into my character. Thanks to my peer group at the time I live peacefully because I developed immunity from other people.

During my college experiences I connected with what I believed at the time societal problems and ‘Watching the trends’ of human behaviour; health & well-being, discrimination, and social media with (Facebook, MySpace and Bebo) new to society. The virtual world begun influencing and changing the behaviors of people more so and especially young people. I knew I was onto something major with my (logical & intrapersonal thinking skills) so I began separating myself from the peer groups evermore and preparing myself to place myself in the best positions in the long-run, believing the inevitably of my life’s work .

TeachingPrinciple-Centered Leadership

People loosing themselves in the fast paced modern world. Many people seem unable to cope with daily-life; constant changes, personal adversities, discrimination, terrorism. With technological advancements, globalization and social media we also must improve our personal-skills and it seems to have all turned out true from my observations in college. The added pressures of Social-Media people are constantly lost in the world of the other and going for the instant-gratification instead of the delayed…Mental illness has also become an increasing epidemic in today’s world.

I compiled all my experiences from ages (14-17) and ‘interests’ and I promised myself that if I channel my mental thoughts (discipline my character/mind furthermore) train the body, mind, spirit for the next 10-20 years I will be a great leader too, become an Australian champion and give-back how I want to contribute.

The challenge appealed to me and I’ve never stopped the process.

 Age 18 – Studied fitness diploma

Age 20 – Began my education degree for teaching (PDHPE) personal-development, health and physical education. And the beginning of a decade of ‘Service & Contribution’ to special needs kids on weekends. Why? to ingrain making a positive difference to the lives of others into my character. We must apply ourselves for an extended period of time to create a “TRUE” habit

 Age 22 – Blindsided and manipulated by people in what I believe to be a racially motivated and opportunistic attack after a music festival. I left my friends and went out exploring the city and on my way home I met two girls whom mislead me. Whilst walking down the street I was hit in the head by someone which dropped me to the ground, pulled up and intentionally drugged with a pill put in my mouth by a guy. I then knew I was in big-time trouble as I was taken some location and sexually assaulted. Robbed of all my possessions; Wallet, Phone, Camera, and left for a ambulance by the two girls whom originally mislead me.

PTSD…the symptom characteristic is called shock. In all honesty I didn’t really understand this at the time as I was overwhelmed, but for the first 3 months I was flat out sleeping 1-3 hours a night or not at all.

I’ve never complained and never explained. I OWNED it

Dave…Continued applying his 17 year-old boy life-purpose with his prior knowledge and practical skill-set he developed; referring to proven track record (14-17 yr. old crystallization experiences) for this ultimate character test. The absolute truth about human character always comes out under duress.

*Very few people have evolved to a state of inner value regardless of; external experiences, material comforts, and lack of love. It’s the mark of a superior personality.

Again…Suffering is a choice…FORGIVENESS

Age 25 – Whilst in transition for the following years fitness show. I deliberately ended up putting on 25 kg and then worked it off inside six months.

Age 26 – with my education degree in (Health & Personal-Development) completed. I lived overseas ?? for a period and ended up spending 3 nights in a Mexican ?? jail…When everybody else in the group begins to panic, and unaware when we would be released. I completely shut down. With a clear/calm mind and excited to put my WILLPOWER to use. I couldn’t stop laughing on the inside to myself. I had no intention of actually making any attempt to get out of jail. I knew we would eventually be released; it was relevant to me for Nelson Mandela’s experiences. I practically slept for the 4 days completely at peace. When the pressure cranks up in life, few want to stick around.

Age 29 – I deliberately delayed most of this information many years longer in consideration to my family; I wasn’t going to burden them with worry. Many around me also required to increase their maturity and I reached an appropriate age for Credibility to now speak as an Authority figure. 

Age 30 – the release of Dave Barrie, Personal-Development Training. School systems, Justice systems, Community and Organisational workshops, and Books…And now I have the chance to ‘share‘ these ideas and information with all…INCLUSION 

My deepest human needs?

After my identity crisis my life always became about growth and learning. I also began engaging with my mother and her charitable causes for cancer fundraising, she had breast cancer when I was 6 in 1993 and was expected to die. She was told she had six months to live. Because the chemotherapy and radiation was trial and error then with a bone marrow transplant in 1994. I watched her donate her time and I started assisting her on the many days each year over the past 15 years. Backed by learning and ingraining my fathers relentless work ethic & consistency its one reason; combined with the aspirational people I admired (A servants mind-set). It’s also why I devoted my entire 20’s working almost every weekend with special needs kids. I didn’t have to do this, but I did. I was deliberately ingraining “Service and Contribution” into my character to reach a high-moral standard of selflessness to first leverage my younger brothers into a home with me and now conduct full-circle my enterprise for philanthropy.

The world can be a crazy place at times however there’s only ONE race…and it’s called the human race.

I may have been taken advantage of and had my wallet stolen but that isn’t the biggest identity theft, when man found the ‘Selfie’ he began to lose his soul.

Will you choose ‘Self-Actualization’ or ’Self-Image Actualization’…?

As Human beings we’re mental: emotional creatures. Is it possible to walk around in a higher state of ‘Bliss’ more often than not? Absolutely

Does…Dave make mistakes? Yes. Dave isn’t perfect, and nor does anybody live a perfect life all the time. Nobody does everything well

Does…Dave know everything? No, but I’m going to find out the answers

Dave broke a Girls❤recently, and his. I continued to follow through with my 17 year-old boy life mission with absolute conviction as I have always done, believing one day she will ultimately understand. She has an enormous amount of potential and a self-less personality. I love her. I believe in her innate goodness.

I apologize for keeping most of this information from her, and not communicating more clearly and consistently enough. I let us both down. She left me, but I also let her make her own choice as I’ve always done in relationships. My endeavors were taking a toll on her emotions and I had to allow her life to flow. My life-purpose is beyond gratification and instinct, only I can fulfill it. I live with & for my life-purpose and in the end I’m happy to die for it. But that’s my secret.

Should I have communicated more and given her more time & attention explaining things through? Yes.

Do I need to spend more time and attention, explaining things through to all people? YesIn their emotional bank accounts.

This wasn’t a character flaw by her, it had always been a personality problem (flaw) within my leadership > to paint the picture in a compelling manner. Reassurance for example; why people are important, where they fit into the plan, what we’re trying to do and the results we seek…Dave hopelessly loved her. I forgive her! she’s the coolest.

For those whom are ready and willing to put in the effort, with the ability to LOVE and without the FEAR to not be loved. Perhaps you too can reach such a level of personal freedom…Raw, honest ‘self-expression‘.

Everyone has their unique gifts, talents, skills that I recommend they identify with. All men are not created equal, fortunately this is why we have developed a democracy and economy which distributes wealth.

Just like Nelson Mandela stated but in my very own words > with access to educational opportunities men can be made ‘More’ equal.

Superior ability will inevitably have its way…Nature plays no favorites. We receive ‘No More’ and ‘No Less‘ than the effort we exert. The good news is…We can determine what we put in.

I’m not here to recite something, I write what I believe to be true and if you’ve become more ‘Self-Aware‘ and gained more ‘Self-knowledge‘ from the content I deliver on a regular basis than my time hasn’t been wasted.

All I ask; if you have read my story or learnt from any of my content in the past that has improved your life in any way to refer 1 friend, and please feel free to share this post. For that I thank-you!

Ask yourself;

  1. What in my life am I not facing?
  2. What is my life asking of me?
  3. Am I worth imitating?





I Play to WIN

For the….Family, Enterprise, Community, Nation

With LOVE and FAITH,


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