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Dave Barrie – Biography


Dave was intrinsically motivated to build and peacefully share EVERYBODY WINS!

– The most profound School initiative, in Australia.
– The most profound Jail initiative, in Australia.
– Community and Country Event for PERSONAL-GROWTH!

In Dave’s Yass High School years, he would regularly receive the sports stars of the month awards. Dave excelled in any sport and represented NSW school sports for Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country, touch football and rugby league. Because Dave would regularly go on stage to receive these awards, at the school assemblies Dave would envision into the future what it would be like to one day represent Australia in sport and return to teach the school students whole of life skills.

After high school Dave went to college in Canberra where he was named the school rugby league captain, but many of the team members were physically and verbally attacking other school students. The bullying and vandalism in the school got to the point where the college hired security guards to somewhat contain the boys football group. Dave would calmly challenge the team members behaviour towards other school students. And this led to Dave’s own peer group turning on him everyday for the next 18months of his college school life, hitting and spitting on him in a pack mentality. However, during this time Dave was always calm, composed, and non-reactive as he had developed a fascination with Nelson Mandela and reference point of view with Mahatma Gandhi non-violent transformational leadership teachings.

Dave was 22 when he was forcibly drugged and dragged into an ally way late one night after a Canberra music festival. The sexual assault left him awaiting an ambulance, ultimately sending Dave down the path of prescription drugs to navigate the challenges of day-to-day life for the next 3 months.

Dave realised he had the choice to keep abusing anti-depressants, sleeping pills and being in constant panic attacks all day. Dave decided he wasn’t going to do that anymore and dumped all the pills in the bin as he walked away stating that he would become Australian champion in sport. Dave’s chosen sport was bodybuilding where he spent half a decade of self-discipline to come 3rd in Australia in 2017, before going on to represent Australia internationally. Which saw Dave come 14th in the world in the men’s sports model category.

The school bullying and sexual assault triggered Dave to be the authentic human being he always wanted to be and live into the visions of a beautiful destiny, not being a prisoner of past circumstances. Dave understands self-accountability and that we’re the one still responsible for our life experience and emotional states. To recognise where, when and how we cause our own suffering. Therefore, we embrace unconditional love and self-acceptance as the perfect mirror. Pervading any internal or external force that limits our self-realisation, awareness, and inner peace. This is personal freedom. And perhaps the mastery of life.

When Dave was six his mother was in a bone marrow transplant testing group for breast cancer. It was an Australian first trial and his mother is a sole survivor. As a child David travelled around the countryside with his mum visiting the women from the group, whom latter passed away. Alongside his mother David has spent many days (Australia’s biggest morning tea, Daffodil day, Relay for life) over the past 20 years raising money for ACT Cancer council. These compassionate acts within his local community have been fundamental to inspiring Dave’s love for contribution.

With Dave’s commitment to personal- growth, expanded self-awareness and passions for health and human potential he decided to no longer raise money for charities and build “The Most Profound School and Jail Programs” in Australia. Which Dave created from his own philanthropy.

Dave understands that telling people what to do is rarely helpful, and it’s best to allow our actions as a reflective mirror in the way we live be the message that helps other people. One of Dave’s goals is to pervade the world into openness, so it’s possible for people to prevent or reverse disease, cancer, disorder, unrest, etc. Without the need for surgery, radiation, or pharmaceutical drugs. Amazingly, Dave has already achieved this with an 84-year-old friend.

With the covid pandemic Dave’s intuitive wisdom led him to build Everybody Wins into a “Community & Country Event for Personal Growth!” Dave pervaded societal-conditioning and constraints to deploy the event during the covid pandemic period to reveal, reflect, and radiate back to society what’s possible.

Dave encourages people to opt out of the virtual reality and discover their divinity, true self. Because true healing, reconciliation and peace can only come from you. As you begin the process, you’ll discover that your personal freedom expands, and your suffering was self-created. Suffering will become optional and assist you to evolve in consciousness. You will also no longer be trapped in endless cycles of fear.

As Dave’s spiritual path unfolds, he has become more present, carefree, and found great joy in serving life itself. Do you have a beautiful vision that serves humanity?

A true new world leader in the fields of holistic health and human potential.

Dave intends to travel the world widely. Radiating peace, loving-kindness, health, vitality and well-being.

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