Privacy Policy and Terms of use (Dave Barrie) is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information on this website and in relation to other means, workshops and training services outside this site. The website is operated from Australia and we don’t supply professional medical treatment for people who require professional medical attention, diagnosis and medications.

Persons whom access this website and engage Dave for personal-development training do so on their own initiative. From accessing information on this website or collaborating with Dave, you agree not to attempt to hold DAVE BARRIE PERSONAL-DEVELOMENT TRAINING liable for personal decisions, actions and personal life-results within your own circumstances. At any time.

Dave Barrie personal-development training will not endorse or tolerate persons with unethical tendencies. Dave doesn’t believe in or promote any kind of “get rich” quick scheme or ‘Instant’ guaranteed personal-results. What Dave does promote is; the opportunity for personal and professional-development towards a diligent work-ethic, emotional resilience, and spiritual-development by utilizing his educational pathways for the advancement of humanity.

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