The advice presented in Dave Barrie Personal-Development Training; workshops, website services and programs are for informational purposes. The information is intended for people who have good health and want a continuing education for increased ability, insights and increased capacity. The workshops, website services and programs provided are not for self-diagnosis medical treatment that should intervene proper medical attention provided by a doctor. The author and copyright holder, DAVE BARRIE PERSONAL-DEVELOMENT TRAINING accepts no responsibility for any of your life-results, emerging personal-circumstances that occur from your own personal-discretion, negligence or personal-application of any information supplied in work-shop training sessions, website services, and programs. Participants MUST always consult their doctors before engaging in health training services and programs. Individual commitment, skills, knowledge towards the application of these principles ‘differ’ from person to person. No two persons are the same and desired results always vary between each persons, and therefore specific outcomes may not occur.

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