How to set yourself up for success…by creating and using SMART goals.

Are you being SMART?


The first thing to do is clearly decide what your goal is? This is important to prevent you from heading in directions that you don’t want to go, and it minimises the mistakes you’re inevitably going to make. For example; wasted time for self & others, financial costs.

How can I hit a target I can’t see? What needs to be done? What is my goal?



The goal must be measured? How am I going to break my goal down into steps to measure my progress? Or what number and recording system do I have?  Measuring your goals will help you for mental focus and concentration.

NOW…Do I continue taking the same actions towards my goal or do I adjust my plan?



Is my goal achievable for me?

Depending on your personal levels of self-confidence and your mental and emotional ability, it would be wise to set smaller goals as a step by step progression to building confidence and achieving your goal?

Because…most of the time the average number of times a person tries to achieve a new goal before they give up? is less than ONE

It seems that if people are not seeing and feeling their actions and effort are producing their desired results they won’t be able to sustain the self-control and self-discipline. To achieve mastery for most individuals is a 10year dedication of skill repetition. Broadly speaking most young people lack patience and older individuals become set in their ways and resist the change needed for developing the new habits they need to instil for their goals. Because the fundamentals need to be practised daily, and persistence is something that we can all control.

What is my goal? and does my goal stretch me?



Can I make my goal a reality? or is it wishful thinking. Everybody has hopes and dreams, but not everybody lives them out. This is where you will have to face the truth about yourself and the goals you desire. What amount of work ethic, skill development and personal sacrifice are you willing to endure to make your goals and dreams a reality?



A goal needs to be supported by specific deadlines for each of your set-tasks? and for when your goal will be completed?  This is scheduling your plan of action and will help you create the momentum to achieve your goal on schedule.


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