What we normalise we become – Dave Barrie

How to deal with depression?

Am I a victim of the world or an adventurer? Do I know who I am? Than what’s YOUR reason for being? It doesn’t matter if nobody believes in you or you have been abused, broke, divorced or didn’t have the parents you wanted. What’s more important is being the person you always wanted to be?

If I feel any form of stress that I know is not going to serve me I will give myself 1 minute to change my mental: emotional state. Anything more than one minute I consider dwelling and DOING depression. Unfortunately, most people approach life looking for what can go wrong? Does this mean I have the habit of spending more time looking for what is wrong? Could I ask myself? How can I turn this situation around? Because where focus goes, energy flows.


How Dave Barrie deals with depression?

Most people don’t like change that’s a fact. But change is one of life’s constants and making changes can be hard but also fun. Will you learn to fall in love with the process of change? because as Leonardo DaVinci said’ there’s no greater control than self-control over oneself.

I am perfect as I am ‘right’ now. But the current version of myself will be inferior in 1 years time. Is your past always going to be bigger than your future? What information do I need? Do I need to work on my personality? Do I need to change my environments?

There’s power in depression. If you’re not happy with where you are is change needed? A lot of human beings like to play games with their social behaviour (commonly referred as mental illnesses) in fear of making a change. If you’re about to make a change in your life and you feel extremely uncomfortable that’s the best indication you’re going to be challenged and grow as a human being. I love it because I have the opportunity to reinvent myself. What does the process of reinvention to you look like? What adjustments do you need to make? For example to your; Health, Relationships, Career, Personal-development.

Am I someone who allows my feelings to slide out of control instead of taking productive action? Will I master my own transformations? Because your challenge is your own psychology and emotionality. Where’s your emotional home? Where do you go emotionally when things are not going well? Is our self-perception in direct correlation to our personal-leadership?


Below are 3 practical ways you could transform⬇⬇⬇


Empowering routines

Could you train your body physically and mentally?  Do people respond to energy? Be honest, what are you consistently doing with your body? Would stagnation occur from a lack of movement?

Preparation is the ultimate self-confidence builder and therefore I have exercise, nutritional and educational routines that I engage in every day. If you want to be a person who sees things through, do you have to become the person who sees things through? Because I’m very clear on who I am I chase discomfort and counter-punch any unhelpful depressed emotional states with determination.



Unfortunately, our brain isn’t designed to make us feel good. Its built for survival. Which means making yourself feel good is an inside job and that’s your role. Harvard university studies reveal that happiness is a skill to be cultivated. Do you have meaningful relationships? And what attitude and activities do your friends and family have? Are they seriously positive people because it will affect your social: emotional states? Would it be wise to find the most optimistic person who overcomes any obstacle in their path and figure out what they know and how they approach life?

Do you have meaningful work? What activities do you enjoy? Are you the same person in private as you’re in public and on social media?

Self-esteem develops when you feel you’re “doing well in the world”. What are you contributing?


Transformational Vocabulary

Your self-talk is critical because the words we use create feelings and experiences. And your consistent choice in words will shape what you believe and impact your actions. Therefore, if you change the words you use you will change the quality of your life. Will I make my emotions work for me and feel any way I want at any time? Can I consciously shape my destiny?

The habitual thoughts and words you use can create illness, unfortunately most people are completely oblivious. For example, if you’re consistently labeling yourself as a failure and I’m feeling “depressed” you would feel the corresponding emotion and it will become your experience. The law of substitution is about swapping any negative thought for a positive thought. Could you replace the word “Depressed” to I’m feeling “curious” or “Challenged” and this would result in you taking control of your habitual vocabulary which will change your emotional state, your perception and overall experience. As a man thinks, so he is; as he continues to think, so he remains. Please consciously select vocabulary that will empower you.


A strong final thought: I would like to say that you’re valuable even if you don’t know why that is yet. All people have something to offer, because nobody does everything well. We’re connected and all need each other for something? We’re the same but different. Are we not all made from the one hand? To fulfill many of the missions I have in my life I now need to be supported by other people, perhaps you and I may even work together one day. How will you cultivate the truest version of yourself?


For your self-discovery;

  1. Identify my emotional habits?
  2. What are the daily habits I need to learn and have?
  3. How can I elevate myself?


To your unique destiny,


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