A man who suffers before it’s necessary, suffers more than necessary - SENECA

The root of human chaos

The root of human chaos: EMOTIONS or Emotional Responsibility?

For example; imagine that we’re the producer of our own home movie with our mental thoughts “Imagination” as we choose to act and direct our film. In truth…we’re the main actor or actress? Now, what could be a problem? Most people don’t control their focus. Because what we choose to focus on shapes our life.

Self- Responsibility and Mental: Emotional health go hand in hand. They’re always in balance. The level of responsibility we accept in our lives for our (Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness) will be direct to the level of control we have in that particular area.

When we experience control in our lives = feelings of personal freedom and more positive emotions. And when we feel a lack of control = we can experience negative emotions, overwhelm or LEARNED helplessness.

All negative emotional patterns are learned throughout our lives. Can we unlearn these unresourceful emotional tendencies, limiting beliefs, habitual thinking patterns and emotional responses that cause under-achievement and unhappiness……Of Course?

Negative emotions used unwisely, serve no purpose. WE must shift as a society towards “emotional self-resilience” to gain confidence, self-control and enable clarity with our thought processes. Albert Einstein said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe?”

Do I focus on the positive or the negative? Constructive or destructive thoughts? Do I move towards pain or pleasure?

For a higher level of consciousness we as individuals must seek elimination and CONSTANT removal of all un-resourceful emotional tendencies, limiting beliefs, habitual ways of thinking, and emotional responses that are not helpful. It’s absolutely necessary for a higher level of consciousness and achievement.

For example; The most destructive emotion is Anger = resentment, jealousy, envy, impatient, self-abuse, denial, repression, pessimism and depression.

Guilt = feelings of worthlessness and destructive criticism. And it forms from justification, identification, lack of consideration, blaming, rationalisation. Accepting responsibility gains momentum, and blaming is backwards looking and un-productive.

We’re free to choose our response for any life situation. It’s our interpretation rather than the objective events themselves that give rise to our feelings and behaviours. And because human beings are literally the ultimate adaptation machines we can learn to modify our self-talk and adapt our behaviour to respond just like an optimistic person would. Adopting a growth-mindset means optimistic ways of explaining adversity, persevering and seeking out new challenges to achieve an even higher level of mastery. We can absolutely experience mastery at the same time as adversity.”

Therefore, our emotional response determines how we feel and we’re responsible for our thoughts, feelings and behaviours that flow. In all of life’s situations we’re free to choose, we always have been.

For Application;

  1. Can I improve my Mental: Emotional responsibility?
  2. What Beliefs & Habits do I have that are holding me back? For Achievement or Aggression, Addiction, Depression, Suicidal.
  3. What do I now have to do?

In service,

Dave Barrie

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