“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!” – Helen Keller

7 benefits of travelling

  1. Brings out the inner child

Personally, I see myself as a living example of the optimistic child. A lot of people grow old because they stop playing. I love exploring, learning and playing in my child like emotional states. Get curious. What landmarks and historic sites would you like to visit? Who would you like to meet? What activities excite you? What would you like to learn?


  1. Open-mindedness

Travel expands your perspective that many people and cultures have different world views. Do I like my models of the world? Travel allows us to immerse ourselves in other cultures and develop cultural sensitivity and be adaptable to globalization. Essentially the more open-minded you are as a person the more willing you are to NEW experiences and perspectives.


  1. Improves social and communicational skills

Would I like to learn a different language? When travelling we frequently connect with people from different cultures. Travelling can reduce prejudice and improve our ability to communicate to all manner of people. And it’s an important life skill to be able to shift paradigms and see and understand another person from their frame of reference. The key to synergistic communication is valuing differences.


  1. Improves confidence

Whilst we get to plan the trip and choose our destination, who we travel with and what we take. We can also be engaging with different countries, cultures and communities that have different beliefs, values and rules.

Life is variable and not everything goes to plan. It’s in these situations where we must learn to adapt to our environments and deal with the uncertainties of life. For example; I was once with a group of people travelling the united states and we crossed the border from San Diego into Tijuana, Mexico in our hire car for a day. We left our hire car in a parking lot and returned later in the evening but were arrested for trespassing by corrupt policemen. We ended up spending the next 3 nights in a Tijuana jail in appalling conditions with no food and all inmates having to share the one water cup and then they doubled our bail to be released.


  1. Experiences

When we travel we see different landmarks and meet different people from different cultures and societies. What activities am I curious to do? We also gain insights into new ways of looking at the world and doing things. But how do I know my beliefs are true? Could I be wrong?

We also can build our relationships with family and friends, and often when people have a great experience the first things they want to do is share it with family and friends in photo albums or on social media. It’s in the meaning of these memories and moments of our lives that shape us. And often when people are struggling to solve problems in different areas of their life they have limited references. For example; just knowing that nelson Mandela spent 27 years in jail and demonstrated hope when it was needed the most to me is already possible. A lot of people know this intellectually but would be psychologically crushed to do it because they haven’t emotionally internalized it as a behaviour.

Remember there are no bad experiences. How will I achieve at the highest level? How will I deal with setbacks?  


  1. Appreciation

Life is a wonderful gift, but it’s also fragile. What am I taking for granted? Travelling teaches us to value what we have because you’ll soon see that people do live in different social classes and could be facing ongoing violence, hunger and disease daily. How am I showing up in my own life with patience, compassion, and service? Travelling also makes you appreciate family and home life more. What’s really important in my life?

“When you arise in the morning think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” – Marcus Aurelius


  1. “Know thyself”

We only live once and travelling is an excellent choice for self-discovery. Seriously a lot of people know what they want in the short-term moments but have no idea of whom they’re. It’s important to connect with yourself and know yourself. What are my deepest fears? What are my dreams? Do I know my life purpose?


To your wanderlust,


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