There’s no such thing as mental illness, unless that’s the reality we choose to create - Dave Barrie


Accepting this as TRUTH maybe one of the hardest things you ever do, and that’s why most people never will. Because it brings to the surface (and uncomfortably) deep societal problems and how we’re dealing with them. We can never give away PERSONAL- responsibility we can only give away control. And equally understanding when to surrender to situations outside our control? #PersonalLiberation

The solution is simple. I didn’t say it’s always easy. Morally you don’t have to, but I hold and TRAIN myself to this mental: emotional foundational standard. Because when we release or create any energy: habit that allows us to shift to a higher-level consciousness it ultimately changes the way we want to feel. Your story maybe true – but it’s certainly not the reason people can’t have the life they deep down want.

Because how we deal with negative thoughts is a choice, and denial is the ultimate comfort zone?

Who are you? Why do you exist? What experiences do you want to have? What’s stopping you from appreciating what you already have in your life?

What do I tolerate from myself that I know I need to change and haven’t? How do I feel about myself when nobody else is around? How do I respond to set-backs? What’s my reaction when I fail? How does the burn of rejection make me feel? Is my life over when loved ones die? WHAT IS YOUR DEEPEST EMOTIONAL PAIN?

NOW… are people born a victim of the world? Do I like to have big problems or solve problems? Is having a big problem a safer way to connect with other people than putting yourself fully on the line to achieve something extraordinary? Am I addicted to my problems? Why am I not improving?

➡️ Would a really honest person work on their emotional wounds, deliberately attack their fears, and be open about their weaknesses, inadequacies, insecurities and still work on them? Does life have a way of showing all people their weaknesses? And if I was to spend most my time on earth ? avoiding my problems, reactive, addicted and consciously or unconsciously neglecting the causes to my problems WHAT emotional states would I consistently feel? What could be the consequences; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially and relationships?

Is mental illness optional? Are people’s behaviours diseases? How do I know it’s true? What would I have to believe? Would it be wiser to analyse my weaknesses or create alibis that sound good? Would I have to un-learn something? For example; habitual perception patterns, attitude, beliefs, behaviours, natural tendencies. Is it my responsibility to figure out ways to sustain my effort? How can I get energized? For things to get better as a society WE must become better? Therefore my approach to life is if I want anything to change I must change, and if I want things to be better I must become better? This leads me to ask myself am I being accountable for EVERYTHING in my life? and live with my power virtues; gratitude, courage, honour, faith, love, determination, compassion and contribution. I feel these are some of the dominant emotions that we must nurture. Will I accept that everything in my life is my fault and make it a way of life to take control of my own life (Mental self-disciplines & Habits) to become better?

The point is this: craving sympathy earns contempt, self-development earns R.E.S.P.E.C.T with self and with others. Self-esteem is EARNED and so is respect. How am I contributing to the well-being of others?

Of course, all people will face difficulties it’s a natural part of life and they’re important ‘LIFE PROBLEMS’ to solve and deal with. Nor does it mean any individual is more important than another…But what it clearly demonstrates is more; wisdom, greater skill and EFFORT.

If you feel out of control⬇️

STEP. 1 – Work on building MOMENTUM and ‘Radical-Humility’ to live in harmony with our environments.

Or STEP. 2– If we’re really being honest very few individuals need total psychiatric intervention.

For honest self-reflection⬇️

  1. Do I quit a lot?
  2. If I can’t do it? Do I try…again, again and again?
  3. And If I still can’t do it? Do I put up my hand and ask the teacher?

To your breakthroughs,


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