Defining Your Own Success?


When we’ve worked hard to achieve specific tasks or goals, we need to reward ourselves and others who helped. Why? Because when we reward ourselves for our effort we elicit and experience more positive emotions. This realization allows people to also connect pleasurable feelings and mood to their objectives. When done consistently individuals are able to build on their previous success.

For example; a movie or coffee with a friend, planning a travel experience, a gift. Celebrate our victories, big and small at the end of each day to maintain momentum.


Remember that human beings do what we do because of our beliefs, and our actions are driven by our emotional patterns. NOW…will I mold the life I predict for myself? What area of my life will I take to a whole new level? For example; Health, Relationships, Career.


Ask yourself;

  1. How can I reward myself?
  2. How can I reward myself, without derailing myself to my long-term goals?
  3. How can I give appreciation to the people who helped me?


All the Best,


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