The quality of our lives is determined by our ability to deal with uncertainty – Dave Barrie


Demonstrating FEARLESSNESS is one of the most attractive human traits. Women and men admire it alike.

What problem in my life do I need to solve?

Emotionally intelligent people understand the links between cognitive thoughts and behaviour very well. It’s about functioning in a wide range of environments. Perceiving, understanding and self-regulation of emotions. What develops COURAGE = Education, Inspiration, Confidence, and Absolute commitment to the truth; facing your fears head on.



Understanding the difference between certain death and fear.



Who are people that have impressed me and done what I want to do? Who are my heroes? What unique qualities, skills and characteristics do they possess? that I must develop within myself?



Learn HOW and put what I learn into immediate action when the emotion is HOT?


Commitment to the Truth

Facing our fears head on without dodging the truth; as the point of hesitation sets the tone for your life. Will my desire to breakthrough for my personal-growth mean more to me than the pressures of the moment? Having reasons WHY we need to break-through obstacles allows us to focus on the benefits of completing the personal-challenge. From completing the personal-challenge it also allows for positive recall of experiences next time we’re faced with a difficult situation. When we don’t face our fears in all areas of life we destroy our confidence, making it less likely to take the action we need to in the future.


Ask myself;

  1. What is the benefit of breaking through my obstacles?
  2. What’s the worst that could happen?
  3. How will I rise? Where will I be in 10 years?


To your extraordinary life,


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