The emotional bank account


When we punish people or our partners we break trust causing an emotional & spiritual divide. Psychologically




Pleasure is the key; reinforce positive behaviour with pleasurable experiences or simple kindness in return, Instead of punishing people or our partners.  This enables us to be emotionally detached and see solutions clearly, that we have a choice to approach the situation with different energy (kindness, compassion, love). Therefore, transforming relationships in the ‘right’ direction. When we punish other people we indirectly punish ourselves no matter the circumstances.


How can we create unity? By demonstrating courage and upmost integrity! We work towards showing ‘nobility of character’ that is personal on a one to one level. The key is to make deposits, and constant deposits. It’s even more necessary for people whom we’re closest to and interacting with on a regular basis. Because we live in an interdependent world we need to create high emotional bank accounts with other people, and high trust leads to high cooperation and synergistic communication. The trust building account of relationships is the emotional bank account. And when we see problems and choose to ACT proactively we’re given an opportunity to build the emotional bank account. This can improve relationships 10xfold. For example; when a child comes to a parent with a problem and they help them out. That’s a powerful way to build trust.


In difficult times it’s wise to maintain composure and respond with tolerance and kindness, I have found it’s often enough to reciprocate people whom are acting aggressive or with heavy criticism.


Taking the INITIATIVE…if you’re the person who has been offended⬇


To let the person or your partner know that you love them. This will signal a message that you’re not interested in causing more pain, because when people experience pain they will often put up walls to cease suffering.


The PROACTIVE approach is to let the person or your partner know you’ve been hurt, instead of repressing emotions. This requires great courage and consideration for all relationships. To reach out and affirm another person or the one you ❤


Ask yourself;

  1. Who’s in charge of my emotional responses?
  2. What is the benefit of criticism, condemning, complaining?
  3. Where is a broken relationship that I deeply care about, and if I took the PROACTIVE approach would be repaired? (Family, Friends, Work)


To our never-ending improvements,


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