All fears are in our own mind


Fear of Failure is charactererized by our self-talk using the words; I can’t, I won’t, if only, I wish. I could, I should.

Fear of Rejection is characterized by the feelings I’m not enough. People might not accept me and my values, beliefs, behaviours.


To clear the mental decks for a more positive “Mental Attitude” and relationships you must IDENTIFY and DEAL with the fears that are holding you back…. Write them down!! and list HOW to go about it?


  • The Fear of DEATH
  • The Fear of CRITISCISM
  • The Fear of ILL HEALTH
  • The Fear of LOSS OF LOVE
  • The Fear of OLD AGE
  • The Fear of POVERTY


Once you recognize a fear it would be wise to act on it immediately to free your mind, because our destiny is a matter of making consistent choices. Success isn’t overnight and nor is failure. For things to get better you must become better. What action do you need to take?


When the opinions of others are involved I view ALL criticism as constructive, and I respect legitimate authority. But it’s wise to consider who you take advice from?


From being true to yourself you can lead with honour and eventually you’ll reach the point to where you understand how you want to die. The reality is it’s coming to us all.


Ask yourself?

  1. What do I really want to do?
  2. Are my obstacles real or imagined?
  3. What would make me the happiest?


To your personal-growth,



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