Leadership Virtues

At the core of integrity is radical truthfulness. Because trust is the foundation of leadership. It means you deliberately practise self-honesty and we always tell the truth with all people. Integrity goes beyond honesty and sincerity to demand respect of yourself and do what you say and say what you mean. Therefore, we create an inside-out congruency where our daily habits reflect our deepest values.
I never allowed any personal obstacles, setbacks or circumstances to stop me from achieving my childhood dream. I created justice not from other people but for myself by making the full commitment to the childhood vision and living into it. Having high integrity is fundamental to personal-worth. Essentially, we have intrinsic security that comes from within. When honesty-believability, justice and integrity are who you are you’re naturally that for everyone else?
I have come to believe that peace of mind comes from living in alignment with true universal principles and values, and in no other way.

Is great leadership a title or performance? And everyday is showtime to do the hard things and earn credibility with yourself by developing the skills and character traits for the ultimate person you want to become. I choose to be non-violent and give servant leadership to the world. What will you make true and lasting success? How am I treating others? How inspirational am I? Because it’s “what is” going on in your inside, not just your mindset but to open your heart?
Outstanding individuals are courteous to all people. They even turn perceived enemies into spiritual friends. Because the true character strength of a great leader is shown in difficult times when dealing with others, they never lower their standards for self-respect, bravery, humility, humanity and care. How will you earn self-respect?
The quality of our meaningful work and humanity that we give to the world, is the level of respect we have for ourselves?

Heroic Courage
Courage is one of the most important qualities of outstanding leadership, because great achievements and great contributions are not guaranteed. Transformational leaders are courageous. They have the courage to say and do things that most people will not say or do. Courage requires vulnerability to continually move forward into the unknown; failure, rejection, criticism, defeats and painful setbacks. As Theodore Roosevelt famously said, “The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena”. Whilst bravery absolutely does require high self-esteem and great risk tolerance it’s also beautiful to live life completely and fully. A true hero must have heroic courage. Heroic courage is not blind optimism it is fluent, intelligent and strong.

The virtue honour is rare, because if it was easy to achieve more people would uphold it. Honour means you live with integrity and righteousness; you always do the ‘right’ thing even if it’s unpopular as you can foresee the big picture towards high contribution. Because doing the right thing is showing great respect for yourself and other people and that’s always doing the ‘right’ thing to lead by example. Who are you? You can never hide from yourself. Without bravery training and deep conviction, you won’t be able to complete the hero’s journey when the going gets tough. And conviction comes from conscience. How will you demonstrate valour, chivalry, honesty and compassion? What kind of character do you want to be known for? How will you show heroism? Honour your commitment.

Great leaders deal in truth. Humility is a virtue, and they never stop working on their skills.
A belief in improvement means that we engage in continuous learning, and we get better by zeroing in on both our weaknesses and strengths because we are never done with growing, learning and contributing to humanity. We are willing to learn from accurate criticism with a compassionate heart and engage in journeys of self-dissection to honestly correct our mistakes and weaknesses, and consequently solve our problems.
How can you have an impact on society if you cannot change and improve yourself?
I highly recommend developing your inner life as there is great strength and power that comes from listening to your conscience, improving your personal leadership and cultural humility.

The essence of leadership is servant-leadership. And compassion means “to suffer together”. Great leaders do deep interior work on their heart, mind and spirit as ‘suffering’ can be preparation for legendary. And through deliberate practise of compassionate acts they become more altruistic and resilient. Altruism and sublimation are mature character defence mechanisms for the compassionate servant-leader. Servant-leadership is constantly helping people in need and utilizing their skills and character strengths to create empowering ways to meet humanities needs as a life force for good.

Servant leadership is seeking win-win situations and powerfully contributing with a purified heart. Because as we improve and our consciousness expands, we become more caring and caring makes the world a better place.
Compassion is a mark of bravery. What kind of hero will you be for the family, community and humanity?

Have you ever met a highly effective person who didn’t take responsibility for their life? When your personal mastery and leadership ability rises it’s your duty to lead by example with character, courage, integrity and compassion. Exceptional leadership is conscientiousness and caring for all people and where they end up. Legendary leaders are instruments of service. And because they’ve built a strong inner core, they can use their energy, discipline, bravery, and creativity to synergistically innovate for the future.
Do you have something heroic deep within you? What will you contribute? Why do we do our best? Because we give love, respect and appreciation to humanity by creating masterwork-level projects, and when we give our best it never lets the inner you down, ever.
Give the world the best you have.

In loving-kindness,

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