It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it - Hans Selye


Will you press on people’s sensitivities from time to time Dave? Yes, because it’s important for peoples growth and development.

#Aggression #Addiction #Anxiety #Depression #PTSD #loneliness #Suicide.  Are some of the deepest of human problems.

Do you give people labels Dave? No, we have to do that to ourselves.

Is there a cure? YES there are formulas to all the emotional states. And all emotions are valuable, But it also  requires the individual to acknowledge when problems occur and deal with them.


  1. I’m responsible for all my thoughts and emotions at any time!
  2. I have to be the source of my own transformation
  3. I can change at any time the emotions I feel ? 


Can we shift our mental and emotional state? Yes

What about altering your biochemical state? Absolutely and at any time. Am I someone who treats the symptoms of my problems whilst nurturing the cause?


How people deal with adversity and personal challenges will shape them more than anything else. Then what would an evolved man or women look like? we need to first understand our transformative experiences of how we became the way we’re, the beliefs about our life that makes us think the way we do and act the way we do. Do I need to change the way I perceive things? And what actions do I need to change?


A pioneer who changed the game for biological stress was hungarian Hans Selye; he defined stress as any non-specific response to internal or external stimuli. Therefore the key terminology we need to grasp is “response” because it isn’t the events of our life that cause stress it’s our own chosen response. Therefore we don’t have stressful situations in life but stressful responses, and we can chose how we respond. In fact mans greatest personal power is his attitude to choose his own response for ANY life situation and your response will determine how you feel. And essentially what your willing to do or not do.


To be performing at my best I know I must present a calm mind, because if I allow my emotions to run wild there will be no clarity or objectivity about my thoughts, emotions and the ability to double check my work. Reactive people allow their emotions to dictate from personal bias and pre-conceived notions without realising they will be a product of their decisions. The inability to operate in open-minded ways will severely effect peoples mental: emotional health.


What can we do?


Learning how to think clearly and logically is a deliberate practise because we are not naturally endowed to think clearly and logically. From controlling my thinking processes I drastically minimize the stress in my life and achieve lifelong inner harmony with self and others, personal-growth, happiness and success.

As noted in my personal story I started curiously observing human behaviour at age 14 and it’s been a continuous effort of mine. There are telltale signs to human behaviour. Will I accept complete responsibility for my inner and outer life and how I feel about myself? At any time!


Do I consider myself to be a honest person? Are people born a victim? Are people born with negative emotions?


Will I improve my conscientiousness? ⬇


Organisation = Am I an organised person? How can I be better?

Perfectionism = Do I learn from my mistakes? Personally I love doing the hard things and when people say I’m unrealistic I just continue to surpass all expectations with awe. How will I improve?

Diligence = Do I really work hard when nobody is watching me? How would I rate my persistence on a scale of 1-10? Now compare my effort against the most persistent person I know?

Prudence = Do I make the ‘Right’ decision consistently? Have I learned to make the right decision consistently? The reason I have superior mental: emotional health is because I make superior evaluations, and that means positive brain chemistry. I will feel good no matter what happens in my life, just because I can. POWERFUL is an understatement. Interesting isn’t it?


Remember the emotional states that you’re feeling are because of HOW you evaluate? Are you being responsible for the reality you create?


It’s not the circumstances that happen to you, but HOW you think about what happens to you. Once again your response not your situation causes your stress. The choice is yours, it always has been.



For honest self-assessment;

  1. Am I really an open-minded person? What would I have to believe to feel the way I do?
  2. What would I have to change about my attitude? Could my personal philosophy be wrong? Do I need to change how I perceive things?
  3. Does transformation require doing the work? Am I doing it? If I’ve tried everything do my results show it?


To our never-ending improvements,


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