Live to 100 years old?

Yes, I want to improve my vitality immediately



  1. Good Nutritional Choices

The first thing I need to do for my health and wellbeing is commit myself to eating well consistently.  For Example; everyone knows that they ‘Should’ choose the apple over the cheeseburger, and water instead of the soft drink. It’s easy to do, but equally just as easy not to do!  Automatic eating habits are hard to break and we’re the result of the choices and decisions we make in our lives. Therefore, if I want to have amazing physical health, feel better and live longer?


What can I do?

  • Identify my eating patterns and substitute in more vegetables, lean meats, grains, and fruit.
  • Be more conscious of what I put in my fridge & pantry to reduce temptation and create a plan within my lifestyle for selective discipline.


*It’s important to remember that what I eat will affect how I feel and ultimately my health, energy levels and performance.



  1. Regular Exercise

Am I exercising regularly? Consistent exercise is crucial to maintaining a healthy heart, lungs and mobility with our joints. Essentially if we’re not using it (Body & Mind) we’re losing it. By exercising 30 minutes every day we drastically improve our overall health and energy levels.

For example; we can strengthen our joints and muscles by weight training and increase our aerobic conditioning by running, swimming, cycling.

Many people exercise during their childhoods but then neglect their bodies later in life, it’s a perfect opportunity to set a good example for others and children in our society.The human body is designed to be moved and when we do move our physiology it increases our mental: emotional health. It’s the perfect antidepressant? Am I exercising regularly?



  1. Sleeping Enough

Getting enough sleep every night is essential for proper rest & recovery. We must give our bodies’ time to repair & recharge before tackling the next day’s activities. From developing a habit of sleeping no less than 7 hours a night to support individuals to operate at peak performance, feel better and reduce the risk of developing a sleep deficiency.

For example; we set ourselves up for peak performance in our professional and personal lives by going to bed at a set time, by 9:00pm to develop the habit of a sleep routine.


For Application;


  1. What do I have to do more of, or less of?
  2. How can I be better?
  3. How will I make it a habit?


To your Best,


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