The great man is he who does not lose his child’s-heart - Mencius

Time Mastery

Time is a mental construct and we can learn to use time to our advantage. Because we’re in control and we can consciously choose to direct our focus and therefore shape our life experiences by what we choose to focus on. Life is the study of attention. And our emotional experiences are powerfully shaped by the timeframe we’re focusing upon. Am I directing my focus to the past, present or future? For example; If you’re nervous about the future could you refocus to what you can control in the present and if you’re stuck in a timeframe of the past could you anticipate a compelling future instead of reacting. The ability to consciously reframe experiences and time is a life skill.

Am I making the most of my time? By asking yourself questions that generate your passions to do the daily tasks that will create the steadfast personal-leadership that helps you hold true to your highest values and single passion of supreme importance?

Childlike Curiosity

We can deepen our interests and develop a childlike fascination with our important work to do and research indicates that people who match their occupations to their personal interests not only perform better but are significantly happier with their lives. Because if you’re not intrinsically passionate about what you do you won’t be able to stick with it during the tough times. Perseverance is developed from commitment to daily skill practise. What drives you? What would you do even if success wasn’t guaranteed? How will you make your life more meaningful? Because happiness happens on the way to fulfillment. It would be wise to foster a passion? Who are you? Can you connect your important work to do to the well-being of others?

Prioritize Importance

High achievers are clear on where they want to go, and their thinking is active in one direction. A large “to do” list creates a sense of urgency and can send you off in any direction. But we can narrow the list and prioritize our tasks to importance instead of urgency. And completing your daily tasks is of utmost importance. That is doing the things that will make the biggest difference to the quality of your life long-term. What do you want your life to be about? What habits do you need to build with selected discipline? When you live with purpose you know where you’re going? And when you live with priority you have identified the steps to what you want to accomplish? Therefore, it would be wise to write down your goals, keep them close and schedule each day to do the truly important. Because the challenge isn’t time management but to effectively manage ourselves.


The most effective way to learn and compress time is by immersing yourself with other people who have and are continuously achieving the results you want in your life. This can save you years and decades of frustration from relying on trial and error. I love learning and I’m a voracious reader and podcast listener. I also continually self-educate myself as a lifelong committed student who attends workshops and seminars. Because a simple shift to your beliefs, emotion, strategy, and actions can radically produce the results you desire and completely transform the quality of your life.  

Remember: wisdom is doing what you know you need to do, so devote yourself to challenge-exceeding skill practise that develops mastery. What skills do I need to master for my ultimate destiny?

To your unique destiny,


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