Am I exercising regularly? If not, why not?

Do I want to feel better? Live longer? More energized? do I want to fit into my clothes or radiate confidence towards the opposite sex.


1.Weight Management

Regular exercise is a high-leverage activity towards maintaining a healthy body. Regular exercise can prevent unwanted weight gain and help with weight loss. First, decide what your exercise goal is? There are many 24hour gyms, recreational sports or cost-free methods. For example; hiking, swimming, running, cycling, and incidental exercise. The point is this…you’ve got time!! How can I be more active?

2.Prevents Disease

Regular exercise prevents all kinds of health-related problems and diseases. For example; heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, mental illnesses, depression & anxiety, and reduces the risk of developing cancer. Am I exercising regularly? If no, why?

3.Improves Mood

Many people begin exercise programs to physically change the way they look, however there are major benefits that occur in the mental and emotional health dimensions. For example; the ability to develop discipline, clarity and focus or improvements to individual self-esteem and self-confidence.

4.Increases Energy

Am I healthy? Do I have great energy? to be performing at your best you must be industrious and enthusiastic; both these characteristics are developed from having high energy and spirit. Regular exercise improves your heart and lungs ability to move more oxygen throughout the body for energy and muscular endurance.

5.Better Sleep

The national sleep foundation concluded that people who undertake 150minutes of moderate-vigorous exercise each week, provided participants with a 65% improvement in sleep quality and feeling more alert and energetic throughout the day. This was compared to those who don’t do exercise or do less physical activity. And evidence found that 40% of the adult population struggles to fall asleep.

6.Sexual Self-Acceptance

How do you feel about physical intimacy?  because regular exercise improves your self-esteem and self-confidence with your body-image. Regular exercise increases your energy levels and improves sexual arousal in both men and women. To feel sexually desired is an important characteristic in your intimate relationship.

7.Connect Socially

Exercise can be performed in a variety of settings that you experience with other people. For example; team sports, hikes, group training. The choice is yours and it gives you the opportunity to improve your relationships with family and friends.


Ask Yourself;

  1. What do I want to accomplish from training?
  2. How do I want to look?
  3. How do I want to feel?


All the BEST,


Am I making healthy choices with my food? If not, why not?


  1. Increases Energy Levels

Eating a nutritious diet in the modern world isn’t always easy. It’s tempting to choose the convenient options of take-away and snack foods, but for those who can sustain the discipline and incorporate healthy food habits into their lifestyle will feel, look and perform better.

What happens when you don’t do the maintenance on your car? It breaks down, of course! Your brain and body need proper fuel to perform at your best.

Nutritional food sources will give your body the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it deserves and that’s required for peak performance. For example; lean meats, chicken breasts, eggs, rice, oats, nuts and green vegetables.

The Australian guide to healthy eating recommends 5-6 servings of fruit and vegetables per day.


  1. Weight Control

The ‘Australian dietary guidelines’ research concluded, that more than half of the Australian adult population is above their healthiest weight; either ‘overweight’ (above your healthiest weight and at greater risk of some health problems) or ‘obese’ (significantly above your healthiest weight and at greatest risk of health problems).

Tips for eating more “mindfully’

  • Have a eating plan
  • Put good food in your fridge and pantry
  • Understand food labels (Food Literacy)
  • Have strategies for eating ‘away’ from home

What can I do?


  1. Improves Mood

Good nutrition is fundamental for mental, emotional and physical health. Because what you eat will affect the way you feel and perform.

Do I want better energy? More stable moods? Better sleep quality? Reduced stress?  Is my health in order?  How can I improve my eating habits?


  1. Physical Health

What would it be like to achieve all your dreams, but not have the physical health to enjoy it?

Good nutrition is a high-leverage physical health activity. Your physical health is important. It’s one of the most obvious signs of health-related problems. It also impacts our mental and emotional health. A simple principle to remember is the law of cause and effect. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

What am I putting in my body? Who am I at my core?

Being physically healthy means that I stop putting poor nutritional choices with food, drugs, excessive alcohol and smoking into my body? What am I doing consistently?

What you choose to eat will affect you physically, mentally and emotionally. Eating healthy prevents weight gain, lowers your risk for diet-related illnesses. For example; heart disease, diabetes, cancer and depression. Do I want more energy? Do I want a rewarding social life?


  1. Increase Longevity

Individuals that have healthy food habits increase their longevity. There hasn’t been a time where people were living longer and better. Today longevity is a choice. Do I want to prevent my premature death? By setting your goal today to design your life and develop the eating habits to live longer and feel happier in a physical body that radiates vitality.


Ask yourself;

  1. What do I want to accomplish from my food choices?
  2. How do I want to feel, and perform?
  3. How do I want to look?

All the Best,


Regular exercise and good nutritional choices are high leverage activities for our physical health. We only get one body, but why are so many of us taking our bodies for granted? Would it be a good idea to wait for things to go wrong, before we make our physical well-being a priority?

Our body is the gift of life. Dave explains the foundational principles for achieving the body you deserve.

From engaging in regular exercise and making better nutritional choices our overall health benefits are;

  • Emotional health (Self-confidence, Self-esteem)
  • Weight management
  • Disease prevention
  • Increased energy
  • Improved (physical, mental performance)
  • Live longer

Ask yourself?

  1. How do I want to look?
  2. How would I like to feel?
  3. Does my body demonstrate that I respect myself?


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