I like to be helpful, so here I share my three biggest challenges I faced on the journey to a childhood dream and becoming one with the vision of my youth. One of my childhood heroes was Bruce Lee and he said’ always be yourself, honestly express yourself, have faith in yourself. And I’m certain you too can become who you’ve always wanted to be.

Who are you? Where are you? What are you here to give? Are you living into your grandest vision?

The journey begun when I was a 15-year-old schoolboy who regularly received sports star of the month’s awards at my local Yass high school. I had realised what I liked to do and where I was fitting into the world with my character strengths, and above all “How best I could be used”. I imagined into the future what it would be like to one day return to my local high school and train the students. That meant I had to embark on the hero’s journey by training the mind, body, heart and soul to become a person who runs a school initiative of integrity, resourcefulness, self-discipline and the win-win way of life.

What would David Barrie like to be known for? to encourage children to be who you really are and strive for what you’re capable of? Therefore, we must never stop learning, growing and improving. Adversity shapes us more than anything else, so what are the values you’re willing to struggle for?

Legendary leadership
Will you endure? I was venturing from my hometown Yass and began schooling in Canberra to pursue ambitions. Within a few weeks I was given captaincy of my new college football team. But after about 3 months almost the entire peer group had begun a habit of turning on me daily. This was because I calmly called them out on the social injustice towards other school members. This led to my own peer group surrounding me multiple times a day; hitting, spitting, throwing my food away or stripping me down to my underwear in a pack mentality. This occurred for 18months of my college school life daily. At no stage did I ever demonstrate physical or verbal violence towards them, and I didn’t need to as I had the mental character strengths to handle the situations.

The mental character strengths I used were; altruism, sublimation, forgiveness, and de-reflection with contribution. Therefore, people can bully and attack and harass you all they like and you can become morally stronger. Do you understand the fundamentals why people bully? Bullying is about judgment and the emotional need of significance. Violence is one of the quickest ways to gain significance and control if you don’t have it?

Another childhood hero of mine was Mahatma Gandhi and I had already seen his non-violence in leadership and the power of transformational leadership in action. Outstanding individuals are courteous to all people. They even turn perceived enemies into spiritual friends. Because the true character strength of a great leader is shown in difficult times when dealing with others, they never lower their standards for self-respect, bravery, humility, humanity and care. How will you earn self-respect?

It makes me very happy to let you know that I have always still been friends with my college peer group and although we live completely different lives, if I see them I still have great conversations and I ask how their families and children are doing. How would I like to live?

Post-traumatic GROWTH
I went to an all-day music festival and then into the city for the night. I was happily adventuring but on my way home to where I was staying. I met 2 girls who I’m assuming pretended to be my friends and lead me down the wrong street. I was already heavily intoxicated and then was attacked and picked up from the ground and had a pill put in my mouth by a guy. Obviously, that wasn’t helpful for me. Because I was carried somewhere and had sex with. Some people would call it rape and robbery as they also stole all my possessions. Someone must have called an ambulance. Had I spent the night out on the street it’s very possible I could have died. Thank you!

The 3 months after the incident was very difficult PTSD as I had so much adrenalin and cortisol running through my body that I was unable to go to sleep at night for the best part of 3 months. If I did sleep it was probably an hour, but I was alert. I also immediately gave up alcohol for 12 months and made sure I went to locations to program myself for the exposure that it was a freak incident. After trialling all kinds of medication and sleeping pills excessively I noticed I was becoming more addicted and that wasn’t the path for my identity and in a single decision with a powerful vision of my future I threw all the medication in the bin and that’s the difference in how peoples lives work out, it’s the decision in our moment of crisis. The thing that also stopped me from driving my car off the road and kill myself was the contributions I hadn’t yet made, Australian champion in sport, building a beautiful family, the childhood school vision. Suffering occurs when we obsess about ourselves?

What other people choose to believe and do has nothing to do with me, it’s not personal it’s about them so learn to not take things personally and separate your ego from the equation of life. Can you train yourself to not be offended by anyone, anything or any set of circumstances?

Most people in society would say that they know they need to be responsible for their life and actions. But rarely will you meet someone who admits they’re still responsible for their feelings and experiences in all of life’s situations. For most people their amygdala which is an emotional part of the brain is untrained and over-reactive so whilst they might have experienced a difficult event in their life, they still don’t realise they’re the person whose created their life experience and outcome. The highest value of all is to choose your attitude in situations you cannot control, because how you see the situation will affect how you feel and what you do is your behaviour. We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we’re being. Rising above blame will allow you to enter a growth-mindset paradigm to how you see the world. Victimhood or leadership? It’s a choice and you don’t get to do both.

Therefore, you can completely and radically change the structures and functions of your brain to respond beyond societal mythologies. How? By doing the work on your cognition, and perception. Therefore, you can build new neural connections and develop world-class habits so your mental response is different and then you would have a different mental: emotional reaction?

For example: most people have heard of post-traumatic stress, but have you heard of post-traumatic growth? Adversity can be anything? It’s up to the individual. I strongly encourage you to train yourself by doing activities of hardship daily and reframing that stress and trauma are good for you and it’s for your growth. Stress is a thought; it’s the vocabulary of the brain and feelings are the vocabulary of the body. Therefore, how you think, act and feel will create your state of being. Can I adapt and improve my personality? You must raise your standards. Period.

Heartbreak to heroism
What’s the difference between faith and fear? And our life expands or shrinks in proportion to our courage. I knew that it was still a very difficult journey ahead and I wanted Jess to be there. We last met over coffee and I finally told Jess my past circumstances, and that I’m highly functional and my goals of doing master-level work projects for the upliftment of humanity. Jess said to me that I was so hungry, and she felt she couldn’t satisfy me. Jess said it was up to me if we keep seeing each other. Unfortunately, I believed that I had to complete the grand plan by myself as she had been crying a lot and was clearly fearful towards the adventure. I hadn’t been receiving any support at all from her. And I didn’t know how long it was going to take me to transition, restructure my life and complete the school day. So, I let her life flow and backed myself with active faith to bring everything full circle into the future.

Why? Integrity, Authenticity, Humility, and Love for Jess to have a better future, my family, community and humanity. How we view things determines how we do things? And courage is the character strength to do the “right thing” even when it’s very hard. Therefore, “Integrity in the moment of choice.” meant I was off to complete my Hero’s Journey.

I now understand the decision I made in our relationship to leave Jess behind was my fault as I did lack the skills to patiently communicate the leadership vision, where she fit into the plan and why she is important. And of course, her weaknesses of not being proactive and a supportive role from her would have been helpful.

“Growth means change”

Our relationships are co-created, but you’ll hear and see a lot of people in society blame another or say they personally cannot change their brain and circumstances it’s because they’re unwilling to put themselves into voluntary discomfort and now science confirms the process is called neurogenesis where we create new neuroplasticity, psychology and emotionality circuits in our personal expansion. Of course, this requires people to face their deepest fears and true weaknesses to create new habits from applying uncommon courage, compassion, self-control and spiritual strength of character to transform and transcend.

Over the next 12 months I had finally represented Australia in sport, moved into my home with my brothers and began the construction of the school initiative. I sent her six messages in 12 months to see how she was doing and where I was and if she was doing the activities she wanted to evolve as a person. She clearly still felt rejected, resentment, angry and upset towards me as she sent the police to my house for harassment and to meet at courthouse for mediation.

I sat down with the court mediator stating that my leadership style is highly visionary and highly practical as I openly explained myself specifically within 1 minute. The mediator looked at me strangely with a big list of accusations and one for sexual violence against me. Everyone in the room knew I was up against it and just encouraged me to sign the document even when they could see I could prove most of her statements were completely inaccurate or exaggerated pessimistic explanations. I see myself and have a personal rule of non-violence. I think she told some white lies to protect a new relationship. Jess had also previously told me she had a friend who took out police action on a guy for other reasons before. Truthfully, I’m not even embarrassed about the situation. I was happy to be marshalled to the courthouse because ultimately, I didn’t want Jess to settle for less than she’s capable of and for a lower quality of life. Because so many people in our society do give into their fears, environment and expectations of their peer group. We must learn the skills to go beyond the conditioned mind. Why be alive if you’re not going to be totally alive? I sent her a message as she refused to come in the mediation room and deal with reality, honestly and openly.

Text message: WOW, I always wanted your support. But I didn’t know how to ask for it. For that I’m sorry #Love #Compassion #Forgiveness…and as promised I will win for you #EVERYBODY WINS.

Legally I didn’t have to sign the document at all. But I chose to continue with her current wishes and the mission: vision in my heart and allow the events to unfold naturally. Signing the document meant that I would uphold a period of 24months with no contact. Coincidently, about 6 months into the negotiation she ended up walking in my direction, I seen her coming, I completely stopped on the spot and faced the other direction and allowed her to pass gracefully.

I think most people are good. They’re just trying to meet their needs in the best way they know how. Our beliefs create our stories and that doesn’t mean it’s true so what I came to realise was that all learning meets us where we’re at with our consciousness and knowledge and if people knew and could do better, they would have. Often when people are left to fill in the blanks, they do it negatively. Our most important address isn’t our residential address its our emotional home and it doesn’t really matter what’s occurring in the environments around people, they will find a way to their emotional home. Will you do the emotionality work on any disappointment, resentments, hurt or past trauma to purify your heart and elevate your soul?

We must learn to trust the masculine ability to act clearly despite chaotic emotions, and to trust the feminine in the intuition of love so we evolve together and create the polarity for a total loving and passionate relationship. Will I trade my doubts, fears and insecurities for faith, hope and strength?

There’s POWER in forgiveness!! If an individual cannot forgive self and others, they can forget about achieving their best in life? I had truly become one with the vision of my youth. A total-loving human being, unconditionally loving, freely forgiving and a man of genuine forgiveness ascending to a rare-air apex of personal-mastery. The Buddhists call it nirvana. As a child I challenged myself to have the interior life and foundational skills of my childhood heroes; Bruce Lee, Rocky Balboa, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. Mandela strove for inclusion, education and legendary forgiveness.

The “Everybody Wins” concept is an ideal for health, happiness and harmony.

A true hero must have heroic courage. Because without the bravery training and deep conviction, you won’t be able to complete the hero’s journey when the going gets tough. And conviction comes from conscience. How will you demonstrate valour, chivalry, honesty and compassion? What kind of character will you be known for? How can you show heroism?

Honour your commitments.

To Jessica. I love you, I’m sorry, I forgive us, I thank you!!

For personal mastery;
1. Faith or fear? How will you live?
2. Who needs me at my best? Can I Identify myself as a hero so I can act like one?
3. What’s the heroes journey I need to take? Why?

Because we become what we believe,

At the core of integrity is radical truthfulness. Because trust is the foundation of leadership. It means you deliberately practise self-honesty and we always tell the truth with all people. Integrity goes beyond honesty and sincerity to demand respect of yourself and do what you say and say what you mean. Therefore, we create an inside-out congruency where our daily habits reflect our deepest values.
I never allowed any personal obstacles, setbacks or circumstances to stop me from achieving my childhood dream. I created justice not from other people but for myself by making the full commitment to the childhood vision and living into it. Having high integrity is fundamental to personal-worth. Essentially, we have intrinsic security that comes from within. When honesty-believability, justice and integrity are who you are you’re naturally that for everyone else?
I have come to believe that peace of mind comes from living in alignment with true universal principles and values, and in no other way.

Is great leadership a title or performance? And everyday is showtime to do the hard things and earn credibility with yourself by developing the skills and character traits for the ultimate person you want to become. I choose to be non-violent and give servant leadership to the world. What will you make true and lasting success? How am I treating others? How inspirational am I? Because it’s “what is” going on in your inside, not just your mindset but to open your heart?
Outstanding individuals are courteous to all people. They even turn perceived enemies into spiritual friends. Because the true character strength of a great leader is shown in difficult times when dealing with others, they never lower their standards for self-respect, bravery, humility, humanity and care. How will you earn self-respect?
The quality of our meaningful work and humanity that we give to the world, is the level of respect we have for ourselves?

Heroic Courage
Courage is one of the most important qualities of outstanding leadership, because great achievements and great contributions are not guaranteed. Transformational leaders are courageous. They have the courage to say and do things that most people will not say or do. Courage requires vulnerability to continually move forward into the unknown; failure, rejection, criticism, defeats and painful setbacks. As Theodore Roosevelt famously said, “The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena”. Whilst bravery absolutely does require high self-esteem and great risk tolerance it’s also beautiful to live life completely and fully. A true hero must have heroic courage. Heroic courage is not blind optimism it is fluent, intelligent and strong.

The virtue honour is rare, because if it was easy to achieve more people would uphold it. Honour means you live with integrity and righteousness; you always do the ‘right’ thing even if it’s unpopular as you can foresee the big picture towards high contribution. Because doing the right thing is showing great respect for yourself and other people and that’s always doing the ‘right’ thing to lead by example. Who are you? You can never hide from yourself. Without bravery training and deep conviction, you won’t be able to complete the hero’s journey when the going gets tough. And conviction comes from conscience. How will you demonstrate valour, chivalry, honesty and compassion? What kind of character do you want to be known for? How will you show heroism? Honour your commitment.

Great leaders deal in truth. Humility is a virtue, and they never stop working on their skills.
A belief in improvement means that we engage in continuous learning, and we get better by zeroing in on both our weaknesses and strengths because we are never done with growing, learning and contributing to humanity. We are willing to learn from accurate criticism with a compassionate heart and engage in journeys of self-dissection to honestly correct our mistakes and weaknesses, and consequently solve our problems.
How can you have an impact on society if you cannot change and improve yourself?
I highly recommend developing your inner life as there is great strength and power that comes from listening to your conscience, improving your personal leadership and cultural humility.

The essence of leadership is servant-leadership. And compassion means “to suffer together”. Great leaders do deep interior work on their heart, mind and spirit as ‘suffering’ can be preparation for legendary. And through deliberate practise of compassionate acts they become more altruistic and resilient. Altruism and sublimation are mature character defence mechanisms for the compassionate servant-leader. Servant-leadership is constantly helping people in need and utilizing their skills and character strengths to create empowering ways to meet humanities needs as a life force for good.

Servant leadership is seeking win-win situations and powerfully contributing with a purified heart. Because as we improve and our consciousness expands, we become more caring and caring makes the world a better place.
Compassion is a mark of bravery. What kind of hero will you be for the family, community and humanity?

Have you ever met a highly effective person who didn’t take responsibility for their life? When your personal mastery and leadership ability rises it’s your duty to lead by example with character, courage, integrity and compassion. Exceptional leadership is conscientiousness and caring for all people and where they end up. Legendary leaders are instruments of service. And because they’ve built a strong inner core, they can use their energy, discipline, bravery, and creativity to synergistically innovate for the future.
Do you have something heroic deep within you? What will you contribute? Why do we do our best? Because we give love, respect and appreciation to humanity by creating masterwork-level projects, and when we give our best it never lets the inner you down, ever.
Give the world the best you have.

In loving-kindness,

The ultimate challenge for man is to fully improve himself regardless of his conditions to become the best he is capable of becoming. I believe there is only one judge and that’s ourselves, and only we know if we have made our best effort. I have great peace of mind in knowing I have given my best effort, which eliminates any need for self-judgement, self-abuse, regret. It also allows me clearer self-analysis and self-examination to correct my mistakes. The hallmark of a true champion is consistency.

Being my best, when my best is needed – Dave Barrie

Through no ‘direct’ fault of my own I have OWNED my previous personal life obstacles; personal responsibility seems to be lacking in our culture as it has become all to easy for individuals to shift the blame for their life outcomes.

  • My peer football group turned on me because I believed in the social injustice of other school members in college. What do you think happens to a 16yr-old boy when you calmly challenge and stand against the actions of the peer group? I never complained and never explained. I was the youngest and team captain and would be physically surrounded, harassed and spat on daily for 18 months of my college school life. But I trained and conditioned myself to respond with Mahatma Ghandi non-violent transformational leadership. This is one reason why I can still be mates with them today because I accepted them as people of worth. Again, Humility is self-confidence without arrogance.
  • As noted in my personal story on my website, some unknown individuals in society thought it was their opportunity to take me out. And they did!! Physically, then deliberately put a pill in my mouth which drugged me, and sexual assault. They also robbed me of all my possessions; wallet, phone, camera and leaving me for an ambulance. My recovery from suicidal tendencies and severe PTSD took me a total of 3 months. I recognized that I was abusing Xanax, anti-depressants and sleeping pills more and more to no effect and it was the short-term fix and not a SOLUTION. I walked outside one day to my recycle bin and stated this is who I am, what I’m going to do, this is still my mission and I’m not going to be denied!!! I dumped them all in the bin. And still because of my personal rules & values I would again take these individuals in under a caring nature. I understand this would again seem absurd for many people, but this is the level of harmony I have trained and conditioned myself to play my life FULL OUT! Because it only takes one individual to demonstrate to everybody else what is possible. Who do you need to forgive? Who do you need to give total love and total acceptance? Can you imagine what the modern world would be like if everyone did this? A lot of individuals lack true love & warmth without realizing self-love, self-worth and self-esteem are all earned privately. And we can’t give away what we don’t have. Again, self-esteem is the hallmark of a healthy personality. If your self-esteem is genuine you can get along with anyone on the planet; culture, disability, stereotypes.

*At age 29 I was approaching my 10 years of weekend ‘Service & Contribution’ to special needs kids. I knew it was GO time to build my future business endeavors, leverage my younger brothers into a home with me and set my family up for the future. I also had believed for years that I had to become an Australian champion in my sport before revealing my personal story to the people around me and publicly. I had lived with some massive secrets and fully believed with tremendous emotional intensity that I had to complete all the tasks, before I could reveal my personal story publicly and allow myself to have a personal relationship with a girl called ####. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to communicate this to her at the time as I was 4 weeks out from representing Australia at a world title in which I came 14th. I really needed her support at this stage of my life and she also needed more attention, it was a problem of communication and our relationship problem could be solved and saved if we both communicated openly and accurately. I sacrificed myself and our personal relationship in the short-term because I could sense she was becoming emotionally upset with me and my endeavors. I struggled to give her the communication, time and attention she was craving from me. I love her and it’s my fault. She’s very SPECIAL to me and I didn’t enjoy her feeling this way as it crushed me to see her cry. I believed it was best for me to focus long-term and back myself to bring everything full circle into the future. Was it wrong of me? My grand plan failed!! I really wanted her support, but I didn’t know how to ask her for help at the time as I had always relied on previous thinking and skills. For example; grit, tenacity and magnanimity to bring all into fruition. The truth is I just wasn’t good enough at this point in my life to hold it all together so I did the unimaginable and told her I accept complete responsibility for our relationship and that I had to follow through with what I started. A dream at 15 became a 17 year-old boy life mission. I allowed her life to flow and promised her I would win for her. I collected and leveraged all the emotional pain and frustration onto myself to fulfill my family (brothers) living together, reveal my personal story, whilst transitioning from my 10 years of weekend ‘service and contribution’ with special needs children to create and pioneer the first school initiative of its kind in the world. I had kept massive secrets from her. I also lacked a specific communicational skill, and now she feels very hurt by me and has penalised me. Why? because of her emotional conditioning it will give her a sense of control and certainty as an excuse for failing to support me. This has caused me extreme heartache too as I was courageous to follow the dream I dream more about coming home to her than leaving. The major skill I lacked was? why people are important, where they fit into the plan, what we’re trying to do and the results we seek. I now understand she was subtly seeking her emotional needs of certainty and commitment from me. As foolish as it sounds I also learnt from my own stupidity that other people do have different emotional needs and desires. I didn’t understand this at the time because of my extraordinary ability to lead with uncertainty. Unfortunately, she feels hurt and to meet her emotional need of certainty its more comfortable to believe and far easier to blame that one reactive hurt evaluation has measured me forever but this doesn’t determine my improved listening, character or HEART. Because champions always raise their level of play when it matters the most!! Perhaps my greatest fear was that I wanted her to believe in me and be proud of me and I believe that in time she will understand and SEE all the qualities in me that no one else has. To give her the best quality of life and future possible. A total loving and passionate relationship were she feels safe, seen and we have never-ending growth, contributions and adventures together. How many people if they’re being honest actually have that in their relationship? I owe her this unconditional promise. Am I someone who feels hurt from a relationship in the past and has settled for the crumbs of connection? I don’t want that for her. Do you want to never grow? Growth, passion, polarity and never-ending love develops in the realm of uncertainty. I now have to embrace the uncertainty and hope she will also learn what she needs to so we can meet our unique destiny together. I made my decision on what I fully believed I had to do to reveal my personal story (complete all my set tasks as it was part of my healing process for total emotional FREEDOM). Because I knew that being a young male with an athlete stereotype in his 20s I was again BREAKING NEW GROUND for our society. I gave myself no choice, and I backed myself with absolute and active faith.

Has Dave taken care of his family? Has he done the ‘right’ thing consistently? Did he demonstrate integrity and resolve in the face of extreme circumstances? Did Dave still give love, kindness and acceptance to those who deliberately went out of their way time and time again to hurt him?

Determination is accessed by the human endowment of willpower and is built from the foundation of COURAGE. I had no support. I didn’t have the relationships, resources, time and finances. I didn’t have all the skills. But I found them, developed more skills and found a way.

At 15 I made one of the most important decisions of my life to commit to ‘doing the work’ on my personal skills;  intrapersonal intelligence (Emotional Intelligence & Leadership) I began envisioning at school assembly’s what it would be like to return to my local high school with some of the nations top talent. Perhaps the thing that I was really missing was a real life role-model who was set to dominate their chosen profession. I decided that I had the emotional endurance to go the distance and was an individual who could and would do this to make life better for children growing up, much of this has now been at my own expense to respond selflessly in supporting those in need. It’s now a gift that I want to give to my communities youth. By the end of my college experiences at 17 I knew most of the things I needed to do with my life, and I have been moving myself ever so slightly into position and I will put my foot on the throat of society. The difference is moral conduct. The school system initiative will be about teaching the fundamentals of personal-development to school children were top young industry leaders will deliver the knowledge, skills and inspiration. Whilst becoming long-term role models for our future generation.

At age 30 I have adjusted my approach from ‘I have to do this’ to ‘I get to do this’

Ask yourself:

  1. Have I prepared myself to give my best when my best is needed?
  2. Am I mentally undisciplined? And am I emotionally reactive within my environments?
  3. Who has impressed me with his/her INCREDIBLE emotional self-control? And why?


Built to serve,


Why Dave ⬇⬇⬇

It’s one of my childhood dreams, and I trust in my love for her. Love doesn’t keep a man from pursuing his personal mission. If a man abandons his mission on earth it’s because it wasn’t done with true love and warmth. It’s the ultimate test of faith.

For Jess, for my family, for my community, for humanity.

Interest: What do I like to do? Because interests are discovered, developed and deepened into passion over our lifetime. What do I care about? How would I spend my time if I couldn’t fail? Can I ask myself questions that will continually trigger the discovery and development of my interests? How can I align my mission with my personal interests as those who perform better have interests that they’re passionate about? And no matter what you do, if you’re not passionate about the people, activities and goals you have you won’t be able to stick with your magnificent obsession. What is your top-level life orientating goal? Because it will require unending energy towards years of long study, practise, personal-growth and learning to master yourself no matter the obstacles that you encounter on your journey. Can you become a world class problem solver? Can I find people who share the same interests? Who am I meant to be?

Deliberate Practise: Once you’ve identified your area of personal interest, you must devote yourself to the daily habit of skill practise. When does the training stop? Never! Anyone who becomes world-class at what they do follows specific training to relentlessly self-discipline themselves and to improve. This includes creating situations that make the individual feel uncomfortable to improve their weaknesses. You must step outside your comfort zone on a regular basis and turn your weaknesses, insecurities and fears into strengths. And everybody has areas they can improve on. Why don’t people improve? Because they’re not doing daily deliberate skill practise. This means engaging in routines, rituals and spending hours and hours in team and solitary practise over years to refine their skills and habits. You build grit through practise.

PURPOSE: One form of purpose is our chosen passions. Another can be that I will contribute purposefully to the well-being of others. For me, this means I use my skills not just within my family environment but also towards community and humanity. That’s why the EVERYBODY WINS school initiative exists. It’s now “The Most Effective School Initiative” in Australia, and will also act as a “Social Multiplier” for many of societies problematic needs. I imagined and created it. If we face new world problems, do we need to change the educational system and learn new world skills? The reason I defy the odds and overcome my life obstacles is because I wasn’t obsessing about myself. Essentially, I have learned servant-leadership as my goals are an expression of my deepest values and connected to the benefits of helping other people by the way I live with honour. I believe young people and communities need to observe purposeful role models early on in their lives. Growing up I was fascinated by Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi and Bruce Lee. I now admire them more! How am I making the world a better place?

Learning hope means that you maintain diligence with your passions, daily deliberate skill practise and purpose. I recommend aligning yourself and operating in a principle-levelled way towards your life vision of supreme importance even when it’s very hard and doubt starts to overwhelm you, because all physical and emotional pain eventually ends. Faith or fear? Character is how you respond when the going gets tough. Essentially, you will teach yourself hope and the courage to rise to the occasion.

How can I develop Grit?
1. Must commit to developing a hard-personal interest that will also create PASSION in your life. Fascination + passion with years of daily deliberate skill practise = Mastery skill development.
2. What you commit yourself to, finish whatever you begin. You cannot quit on hard days or bad experiences.
3. You get to choose your hard interest.

Don’t let setbacks hold you back, ever. Unleash your passion, relentlessly self- discipline yourself, learn to persevere and become an ultimate competitor.

What are you capable of?


Demonstrating FEARLESSNESS is one of the most attractive human traits. Women and men admire it alike.

What problem in my life do I need to solve?

Emotionally intelligent people understand the links between cognitive thoughts and behaviour very well. It’s about functioning in a wide range of environments. Perceiving, understanding and self-regulation of emotions. What develops COURAGE = Education, Inspiration, Confidence, and Absolute commitment to the truth; facing your fears head on.



Understanding the difference between certain death and fear.



Who are people that have impressed me and done what I want to do? Who are my heroes? What unique qualities, skills and characteristics do they possess? that I must develop within myself?



Learn HOW and put what I learn into immediate action when the emotion is HOT?


Commitment to the Truth

Facing our fears head on without dodging the truth; as the point of hesitation sets the tone for your life. Will my desire to breakthrough for my personal-growth mean more to me than the pressures of the moment? Having reasons WHY we need to break-through obstacles allows us to focus on the benefits of completing the personal-challenge. From completing the personal-challenge it also allows for positive recall of experiences next time we’re faced with a difficult situation. When we don’t face our fears in all areas of life we destroy our confidence, making it less likely to take the action we need to in the future.


Ask myself;

  1. What is the benefit of breaking through my obstacles?
  2. What’s the worst that could happen?
  3. How will I rise? Where will I be in 10 years?


To your extraordinary life,


I attended a ‘Relay for Life’ overnight team event, which was held at the Canberra stadium athletics track when I was 10years old. The attendees were walking or running laps around the track to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. I ran and walked many laps and I was left mesmerised by one man in particular from the army. He was an absolute machine in peak physical condition and ultimately ran 45kms around the track non-stop. This event and man moved me emotionally and spiritually in a profound way. Since this day I attended my mother’s charitable fundraising events ever-more consistently and as of the past 15years I would always take the days of work to contribute to Australia’s biggest morning tea, and Daffodil day.

At the age of 20 I thought it would be a good idea to do the same and test myself. I ran from Canberra to my home town Yass 55km non-stop to raise funds. I made it in good time but unfortunately, I blew both my knees out. The soft tissue meniscus in both knees took over 3 months to recover. I was a silly boy as I had been preparing for the run on the grass at my local oval and hadn’t been any further than 15km training sessions. Ultimately, I raised a small amount from the local community and I saw that my grandfather was kind enough to write out a $2000 cheque.

When I was 20 I also took part in a hands-on roll with special needs kids, I worked 30+ hours on weekends with them for a decade. I deliberately did this to learn and ingrain ‘Service & Contribution’ into my character. I understood that this wasn’t normal behaviour from somebody my age during those years, but I knew the profound affect it was going to have on my character-development if I was able to hold-out. We must apply ourselves for an extended period to cultivate a TRUE habit.

What do you think this level of personal sacrifice has done to my mental, emotional and moral conditioning?

There were many times emotionally that it would have been far easier to be doing something else with my time; social activities with peers, girlfriends on weekends. However, during these times when it’s extremely uncomfortable I recommend to giving more, thinking about ‘what I have’ instead of ‘what I don’t have’ or ‘what’s missing’ cultivates an abundance spirit.

At age 30 I now embark on the next chapter of my contribution journey and have written out my first cheque for $2000

Ask yourself;

  1. What is a cause close to my heart that I can be involved with?
  2. How can I be better? Am I living up to my own standards?
  3. What is true for me? How can I do more?

In Service,

Dave Barrie

Worthy Ideals and Purposes

Dave highly recommends developing our inner life, a deep inner awareness of what our lives are about. It’s potentially the best stress-management system. There’s always meaning in life. When we know ourselves, we know the principles were going to operate our lives on.

Great leaders deal in truth. Humility is a virtue, and they never stop working on their skills.

The better we become as unique individuals, the more effectively we can contribute culturally to the lives of others around us. We’re happiest when working towards something more important than ourselves; family, enterprise, community, humanity.

What am I becoming?


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